Edutized.com aims to help students improve their education by connecting them with top-notch tutors. However, using our services to complete assignments is forbidden and a violation of our honor code. Edutized.com will not prepare or cause to be prepared, sell, or distribute a term paper, thesis, dissertation, essay, or other written material for you. Moreover, you cannot submit any Edutized.com material as your own for academic credit at any school.

For Students & Users:

We desire to help you learn at your own pace and with the tools you need to succeed. The majority of students use our services to help them learn and understand. Therefore, it should mean that you don't use our services to cheat or pass someone else's work off as your own. We expect all users to act with academic integrity. Anyone who misuses our site for cheating or claiming another user's content as their own will be met with appropriate actions.

For this reason, "Misuse of our site" includes, but is not limited to:

  • Plagiarism where you use Edutized.com resources and after that submitting them as your own.
  • You are uploading another person's materials to Edutized.com and claiming them as your own.
  • Using Edutized.com tutors to complete tests or homework assignments.
  • You are using Edutized.com in any manner that violates your instructor's Honor Code or other academic policies.

For Experts and instructors:

Our services are designed to support learning and not replace it. Our tutors and subject matter experts in Edutized.com will henceforth supplement their tutoring with several tools. Edutized.com will hence offer services such as real-time tutoring and interactive feedback. As an Edutized.com tutor, please be transparent with your students about what resources are appropriate for them to use.

If you cannot resolve any troubling concerns directly with your students, please use the appropriate form on Edutized.com so that we can help address your concerns. Additionally, if you believe your students are misusing our services, we encourage you to discuss them with your students.

Feedback and Reporting

We welcome suggestions on how best we can improve our Honor Code. Please contact us through Edutized.com.

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